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Monday, February 4, 2013

Going Retail

For many artists there comes a day when one has to decide - do I sell my work wholesale or on consignment at a shop(s) or do I continue selling online, out of my studio, at festivals? One central location to sell from has a great deal of appeal, however the divide and conquer method works well especially when reaching your audience may not be practical in one location! I have done all the above and there are advantages each strategy. Wholesale is not really an option for one-of-a-kind sea glass jewelry. Another approach recently became available to me and I am thrilled!

I have joined an artist cooperative in Scituate Harbor that is made up of about 15 talented artists - and it makes me so happy. I get to collaborate with artists from a broad range of disciplines and now have a storefront outside my home where I get to meet customers, display my work and sell my work at a fair price! How wonderful is that! There are fees and a monthly commitment to "man" the shop but it is all worth it for the tremendous return. This is not wholesale!  Each artist pays a monthly fee and a small percentage of the sale of their work to pay rent, utilities, maintenance, etc. It is a not for profit so any money left over goes into advertising, improving the shop, supplies, special events, etc. A wonderful working model.

If you are in the neighborhood please do stop in and say hello!!
Expressions of Scituate Harbor
132 Front Street,
Scituate, MA 02066

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