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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sea Glass Drilling

As a passionate collector of sea glass, it took me a long time to feel that it was acceptable to drill sea glass to fabricate jewelry designs without destroying it's original beauty.  I felt that sea glass should not be altered in any way in order to preserve it's original shape and quality. But over time I have come to appreciate the beauty and flexibility drilled sea glass beads can bring to a design appraoch. I still feel though that some sea glass should not be drilled. Rare, well worn pieces and unique finds that are not likely to be matched with another piece may be best set in another way. I guess it is the collector in me. These pieces I hold sacred and will sometimes wrap in sterling but more often set in a fine silver bezel to offset the beauty and unique quality of the sea glass. This setting will also last for generations. I relish the idea that just as the sea glass went on a journey to become the beautiful object it is that it will continue on its journey though the generations as an object of beauty in the form of jewelry.

I am including a link to a video that shows the method for drilling sea glass with an electric drill and diamond drill bit. All glass must be drill under water to reduce the possibility of the shattering and avoid having glass dust fly up.

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