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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zen and the Art of Sea Glass Hunting

There are few activities that fulfill my desire for adventure more than kayaking along the New England shores and going sea glass hunting where few are able to travel. But there is something about the lapping tides and the abandoned shores that helps to quiet the mind and center the soul. Something in the idea that I may be one of the very few that  have traveled this particular route or landed on just this spot of shore that makes me pause. And then I'm off on the hunt for what has been left behind by those traveling on water or up on the bluff.

Sea glass carries with it a story that in most cases alludes us revealing only hints to their origins through the color of the glass or the subtle markings worn illegible over the years of tumbling in rock, sand and surf. I love it all. It is my "practice" if I have such a thing. The wonder and the pleasure of finding a piece - the pondering and subsequent research into its possible origins. And now taking these pieces of sea glass and creating jewelry designs - wearable art - it completes something for me  - adventure - living full - wonder - excitement  - satisfaction - gratification - expression - beauty - it's all in the getting there!

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